Unity in diversity

I learned to watch my thoughts and transform them to images. It enables me to look through the apparent reality and recognize deeper patterns. It is an emotionally colored world where visionary abilities are strengthened and you find yourself in contemplative world. A world that constantly changes, but that shows a unity in diversity that is astonishing. In my drawings and paintings I expressed this wonder.

Images of Change

Her paintings of the I Ching come from the same source. This series of 150 square meters contains 64 hexagrams. They show the universe in all its facets. The elements with their characteristics and movements. Moira worked for over 25 years on this great project. This project was first exhibited in its entire form in The Cathedral of Den Helder. This exhibition was held late 2009 and was called "Images of Change".



Total Theatre

Part of the I Ching paintings ware used for an art festival. Music, dance and visual arts came together in a show called "Elements of Life '.

Book 'See with new eyes'

In 2008 her book with poems and drawings was published. During a period of four years she made about 1000 drawings from which 50 are included in this book. The book can be ordered on this website.

Fresco period (1990-2002)

The fresco work of Moira includes many commissions for county counsels, companies and individuals.


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